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About Us
  Over the past 18 years, TJK Technologies have proven itself to be consistently reliable and efficient supplier of high quality & competitive ISO certified products. The company has focused on the specialised niche needs of the electronic, industrial & commercial environments both in Australia and New Zealand. Together with a high level of service, TJK have managed to place their range of products today, as the "Number 1 Choice" for manufacturing design engineers.

TJK´s principal products is the range of Thermal Insulators (heat transfer materials) from the Bergquist Company USA and the Staticide range of Topical Anti-Static Solutions from ACL Incorporated, USA.

Thermal management products include Heat Transfer Pads, Thermally Conductive Insulators,
Insulating Gaskets, Sil-Pads, Gap Pads , Bond Ply , Hi Flow, Gap Filling insulators, Thermal
Heat Dissipation, Dielectrics, Bergquist Thermal Insulators, Insulating Metal Substrates (T-Clad)
Thermal Clad, Power Electronics, custom made HeatSeal membrane switches as well as custom
made Touch Screens.
The Staticide range includes Anti-static Solutions, Static Control, ESD Control, Static Cleaning products.

TJK can also provide full range of Electronic Components such as: Capacitors, Connectors, Crystals, Fasteners, Fibre optic, Filters, LED’s, Oscillators, Potentiometers &  Sleeving/Tubing.
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